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5 Things Houston Business Owners Should Know about IT


You need Information Technology working for you.

Information Systems and Technology are the tools that every business relies on.  The right technology can make your business more competitive.  Professional IT Solutions are just a part of the well developed business network.  Comprehensive IT service will give your business the tools to succeed.

Keeping up with technology can be difficult

Building an IT network is frustrating.  Keeping technology up to date takes time.  As your business grows, technology demands grow with it.  Information Systems become more complex and technology changes every day.  Managed IT Service will help you stay on top of technology.

IT problems can damage reputation and hurt your business

With reward comes risk.  With technology there might be more risk than you realize.  IT problems are distracting and drive productivity down.  System failures can lose customers, and data loss cost hundreds or thousands of man-hours.  Computers infected with malware, an internal security breach, or cyber attacks from the Internet can destroy your business, and result in personal liability.  To protect your business, you need knowledgeable and well informed IT support.

Business Technology requires constant attention

Technology is useful when it’s reliable.  Reliable technology requires regular maintenance.  Even with a few employees, network administration is an important part of daily operations.  Hardware and software upgrades require system analysis and documentation.  Successful IT projects take planning.  But small businesses don’t have the luxury of a dedicated IT department to keep up with these tasks.  To be successful, address IT demands on regular basis with a comprehensive service plan, including Managed IT Service, professional IT Solutions, and reliable IT Support.

Get more from technology, and focus on what you do best

Get technology working for your business by creating an efficient IT strategy.  Stop getting slowed down by computer problems, prevent them by implementing a regular system maintenance and network administration process.  Stop wasting resources on products that don’t give you what you need.  Empower your business with flexibility and room for growth, by planning and building solutions that work.  Take control of your business technology, and get back to what you do best.  Get back to business.

Get CompuPro Services to manage your IT

Information Technology is our business.  Professional service is how we deliver it to you.  CompuPro Services provides Managed IT Service to keep up with your business technology, professional IT Solutions designed for your business needs, and reliable IT Support to keep your business going.

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You need Information Technology working for you

projscreenmeetingJust about every business uses technology in their daily operations.  We use word processing and email to communicate with co-workers, vendors and customers.  Spreadsheets and databases help us collect and analyse business data.  Webpages deliver information, research and sophisticated applications right to our desks.  Without technology, most business would not be able to operate.

Small businesses can use technology to automate entire processes.  E-commerce has completely automated sales and payment processing.  Materials management, logistics, manufacturing, accounting, and human resources can all be automated with technology.  Business technology puts the power of large enterprise into the hands of small business.

Business technology offers more than improved productivity and communication.  Business graphics give meaning to the data.  Software can model information and predict outcomes.  Web applications use algorithms to choose the right product or course of action.  In today’s economy, Business Information Systems can help a small business make decisions and implement strategy.

Small businesses can benefit from all of these enhancements, and needs them to compete in the marketplace.  By using more of what business technology has to offer, a small business can gain a distinct advantage.

Every business relies on the tools of their trade

A mechanic has his wrenches.  Doctors have needles.  Lawyers have filing cabinets.  They all use certain tools for their trade.  By investing in better tools they can gain a competitive advantage.  But the tools don’t do the work.  The worker must combine the tools with knowledge and skill to perform their job.  How they use those tools makes all the difference.

They also have tools for business.  All three use business technology to bill clients, organize records, and keep the books.  Most small businesses actually use many of the same basic tools to get the job done.


For most small businesses, the underlying technology is the same.  Workstations, servers, a network, and an Internet router are the hardware essentials.  Even the software is the same for many types of businesses.  QuickBooks, Microsoft Office, and web browsers are used by millions of businesses every day.  But every small business has different needs.

Technology should be designed to meet the unique demands of each business.  A mechanic probably need a credit card reader and a good website.  The doctor might need video conferencing and faster Internet.  The lawyer needs a high capacity printer.  In fact, every piece of technology should be selected to meet the individual needs of the business.  Selecting the right tools makes it easier to use them properly.

Information Systems

Technology is the tools for business, but the information system is the technique for using those tools.  Information Systems, or IS, is the technology, the people that use it, and the processes for manipulating information.  Who is going to enter the data?  Where do the reports go?  When is the process complete?  When the tools are used properly, you have a better Information System, and a better business.

The right technology can make your business

Many small businesses can really benefit from a small advantage.  Business technology can provide those advantages in many different ways.  Integrating the right technology into a well designed Information System ensures the most benefit.

More Capabilities

Information Technology can give a small business more capability.  Selling products anywhere in the world, tracking trucks and materials as they move around the city, or accessing critical documents from home, and on the road.  These are just some of the ways that technology can enable a small business to do the things that couldn’t be done before.

Increased Productivity

Every small business would like to do more.  Increased productivity is the primary focus of Information Technology.  There are countless software applications and services that provide powerful tools for communications, collaboration and publishing.    Marketing tools can replicate simple advertising efforts across a sea of social media, search engines, and advertising networks.  Specialized software and services provide turn-key solutions for specific industries and business processes.

Many of these powerful tools have advanced features and sophisticated integration capabilities.  Small businesses typically overlook or dismiss these features.  It is important to train yourself, and your workers to use the full capabilities of each application.  Better tools and better skills will significantly improve productivity.

Better Efficiency


Give your business the tools to succeed.

A well developed business network

The right IT Solutions