Windows Server Solutions for Small Business


WindowsblueshadowMicrosoft Windows Servers provide the most comprehensive technology solution for business networks.  Many of today’s most popular business applications run exclusively on a Windows server, but that’s not all.  Small businesses can get a full range of advanced network technologies in a single platform.

Managing Your Business Data

Secure and efficient data management is essential to every small business.  Windows Servers deliver the full range of data management features for business networks, including centralized file management, redundant disks, network file sharing, and backup solutions for workstations, laptops and network data.  Windows Server 2012 also provides some more advanced data management features like distributed file systems, redundant file systems, and Internet file sharing.

thumbprintlockSecuring Your Small Business Network

Keeping your business computers secure is another essential function of the Windows Server operating system.  The Windows Active Directory server feature provides centralized management of user accounts and logins, computer workstations, user files, and security policies.  The Windows Update Services feature keeps up with operating system updates and security patches for all Windows computers on your network.  Windows Server also provides fast, secure, and reliable sharing of the printers and fax systems on your small business network.

Connecting Your Business with the Internetblueglobeinternet

The Internet can provide a lot more than email and web surfing.  Microsoft Windows Servers offer a whole host of technologies to leverage the Internet and connect your business.  VPN and data distribution features connect the computers in your home and branch offices to your main office network with a fast, secure, and seamless Virtual Private Network.  Remote Desktop Services provides secure access to your business applications and network resources from any computer, anywhere in the world.  The Internet Information Server feature is a power Windows web server that does more than put your business website on the Internet.  IIS delivers database applications, content management, and file sharing to your users, vendors, and customers in their web browser.

Doing More for Your Business with Windows Server

A custom Microsoft Windows Server solution from CompuPro Services can do a lot more for your business.  Exchange and Sharepoint provide email, groupware and content management functions to organize and share your documents, Outlook data, and more as powerful web applications.  Hyper-V virtualization and clustering provide endless scalability, and consolidates your entire IT infrastructure into a single platform.  Microsoft Windows Server provides the most complete solution for small businesses in a single product.

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