Technology Solutions for Small Business


Custom Technology SolutionsCompuPro Services builds custom computer and technology solutions for the unique needs of your business.  With the right combination of business-class hardware and best of breed software, CompuPro Services delivers cost effective solutions that get the job done.

Windows Server Solutions

Microsoft Windows Servers provide the most comprehensive technology solution for business networks in a single powerful platform.  To learn more, visit the Windows Server Solutions page.  To get started with a custom Windows Server solution, request your Free Evaluation today.

orangecheckmark3 Client-server business applications orangecheckmark3 User and computer management
orangecheckmark3 Centralized file systems orangecheckmark3 Security policy enforcement
orangecheckmark3 Secure data management orangecheckmark3 Software updates and patches
orangecheckmark3 Remote access and VPN orangecheckmark3 Websites, email, groupware
orangecheckmark3 File and printer sharing orangecheckmark3 Workstation and data backups

Network Appliance Solutions

Network appliances are dedicated devices that offer low-cost, turnkey solutions for small business networks.  CompuPro Services uses network appliances to provide enterprise capabilities for small businesses at a fraction of the cost.

orangecheckmark Network Security Appliance orangecheckmark Managed LAN Switch
orangecheckmark Groupware Servers orangecheckmark Voice over IP
orangecheckmark Network Attached Storage orangecheckmark Dedicated Linux Servers

Cloud and Hosted Solutions

Cloud services and hosted solutions leverage the power and reliability of large data centers, delivering faster services over high speed Internet connections to mobile and remote users.  Cloud and hosting services provide enterprise-class functionality without a large investment in expensive infrastructure.

orangecheckmark eCommerce Website orangecheckmark Cloud Server
orangecheckmark Social Media Website orangecheckmark File Sharing
orangecheckmark Hosted Email orangecheckmark Virtual Desktops
orangecheckmark Cloud Backup orangecheckmark Video Conferencing

Networking and Internet Access Solutions

From small office LANs to complex virtual networking and WAN solutions, Compupro Services can help you build the right network for your business.  CompuPro Services provides consulting, network design, hardware selection, and installation service for all types of small business networks.

Custom Computers and Workstations

CompuPro Services offers consulting, custom builds, and setup service for your business computers.  Custom computers provide unique features to meet task specific requirements.

orangecheckmark High Performance Workstations orangecheckmark CAD & Graphics Workstations
orangecheckmark Computer Labs & Classrooms orangecheckmark Point of Sale & Kiosks
orangecheckmark Media Centers & Conference Rooms orangecheckmark Linux Desktops / Laptops

It’s easy to get started with a Custom Technology Solution for your business.
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