Dec 182012

Powerful Remote Management tools provide peace of mind for small businesses.

Monitoring and Alerts

Active monitoring collects metrics from systems and services on the network.  A convenient online dashboard displays the information.  Alerts are trigger by critical event.  Automated emails and text messages describing the exact cause of the problem are sent out immediately.  A proactive support response can resolve problems before they effect business.

Security Status Application Errors
System Health Service Outages
Hardware Utilization Disk Performance

Remote Administration

Onsite service takes time, and can be disruptive to business.  Remote Administration handles support and maintenance tasks without an onsite service call.  Faster support response and less service hours translates into big cost savings.

Patch Management Remote Assistance
Automated Maintenance Task Scheduling


Regular reports describe computer and network status, and help spot areas that need improvement.  Reports are essential for diagnosing bottlenecks and planning upgrades.

System status by day/week/month
Bandwidth and performance trends
Root cause Reports

Asset Tracking

Track vital information from hardware and software assets on the network.  Automatic discovery finds assets on the network and records any changes.  Asset Tracking saves valuable time when troubleshooting problems and building documentation.

 Asset Tracking Reports Configuration Information
Change Tracking Hardware Inventory
Inventory Audits Software Licenses